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  •  Social Responsability


Corporate Social Responsability (CSR), also called Business Social Responibility, can be defined as an active and voluntary contribution for a social, economic and environmental improvement from the company’s actions, generally to increase their competitiveness and added value. The performance evaluation system of the company is known as a the Triple Bottom Line. We are aware that the sustained economic growth can only be achieved if the companies believe that the leading economic actors are commited with their role to society. We believe on the valuable contribution that a company can provide to the society, a role that can be played by coordinating education, infrastructure, and health projects, which could be an opportunity of significant progress in developing countries.


Simple training such as the concept of innocuousness can make an employee take it home to his daily life. We have become a catalyst agent by approaching the government institutions for the benefit of the community.


We are commited with the quality of our product and the quality of employment , but most of all with our personnel as a part of our community to which we are dedicated