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What Makes our Products the Best?


At Plantaciones Panorama, the 100% hydroponic crops are protected by a specialized integrated pest management, using beneficial insects, hence minimizing the use of chemicals for our products to be reliable and of high quality.

What is Hydroponics?


Hydroponics or hydroponic farming is a method for growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, rather than in soil. The word hydroponics comes from the Greek, hydro = water, and ponos = work. Roots recieve a nutrient-balanced solution with all the essential chemical elements for plant growth. They are able to grow only on a mineral solution or in an inert medium, such as gravel, innocuous sand, coconut fiber, among others.

Where Does the Water Come From?


The watering system in the farms and the packaging plant is supplied by a mechanical well; it has the quality of drinking water, which means that is chemically and bacteriologically safe, due to its dissinfection and treatment with acids, chlorine and UV lamps, the latter one used specifically for the packaging plant.

Benefits From Integrated Pest Management


According to the integrated concept of protection, monitoring traps and beneficial insects are being used to counteract the excessive use of chemicals, thus eliminating insect pests that could affect a good production.



Bumblebees are being used as pollinators in every greenhouse, allowing a better quality of fruit in the harvest, an increase in production, and a less climate-dependent pollination.