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Plantaciones Panorama has the capability to produce fresh vegetables with the highest quality in the market.


• Beef
Also known as ball or beefsteak tomato, is a large and firm variety. This tomato has a beefy texture and is perfect for garnishing dishes where the cut diameter is important.

• TOV (Tomatoes on the Vine)
It is the beef variety on a vine and it features an aroma and a consistent juicy flavor. It certainly becomes a good choice for sandwiches, hamburgers, or salads.

• Saladette
It is a Roma-type variety of tomato with thick firm walls, an elongated shape, and long shelf life. It has a rather sweet taste and an authentic aroma and flavor, recommended for fixing sauces and pastes.

• Specialties
Among our production we offer specialties of tomato that stand out in the market for their quality, flavor, appearance, and color, as well as our different packaging selection.

Bell Peppers

Green bell peppers are less sweet until they mature and become red. The taste is a little bitter compared to other peppers; although flavors differ according to their growth conditions and harvesting treatment; they present a high quality, firmness, and softer and uniform textures.