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Tomato Soup




ž   1 small onion chopped

ž   2 or 3 garlic cloves chopped

ž   1 tbsp olive oil

ž   1 lb tomatoes chopped (aprox. 3 medium tomatoes)

ž   1/2 cup tomato sauce

ž   3/4 cup chicken broth

ž   1/4 cup cream

ž   2 tbsp minced basil

ž   1 slice toast bread

ž   2 tbsp grated parmesan

ž   salt and pepper to taste




In a saucepan with the olive oil, sautee the onion and garlic until they are brown. Add tomatoes and cook in medium heat for 10 minutes. Add the tomato sauce, chicken broth, and half of the minced basil. Boil for 30 minutes. Mix in blender until soft. Return to saucepan and add the bread, the rest of the basil, and parmesan. Season with salt and pepper. If you like, add some more cheese, oil, and pesto.